Looking for online Family and Marriage therapist and you are in Diaspora Living book online therapist while in in USA, Canada, Europe, Middle-East, Australia and New Zealand.We have online counselling for Africans living in diaspora.Make appointment with an African therapist you understands your safe place.
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Counseling for individuals of African descent.-counseling in African-American communities-counseling needs of persons of African diasporic Africans seeking help
Online Marriage counseling for Africans living in Diaspora.

We provide online marriage counseling services to Africans Diaspora in USA, Canada, Europe, Middle-East, Australia and New Zealand.

Have you been looking for that Therapist,counselor who is blended in an African culture and is equipped with world driversity.This is your safe space to seek counseling services from a qualified Psychologist/Marriage and Family Therapist.We explore matters in culture,personality,values,communications,commitments in relationship to meet expectations of each other.

Your Therapist is 9+ years trained and experienced.With MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, Certified Mediatior,BA in Counseling Psychology and Diploma in Guidance and Counseling.
How to Book a Session
1.All sessions are Via Zoom Duration one hour
2.Timings available
3.Payment via Mpesa/Paypal/ etc
4.Charges are 3000 KESH/Hour or $30 (equivalent)
5. Rate apply either couple/individual session

Monday USA/CANADA 0530-0630 HRS GMT BOOK
Tuesday EUROPE 2230-2330 HRS GMT BOOK
Wednesday AUSTRALIA 2130-2230 HRS GMT BOOK
Thursday MIDDLE EAST 2130-2230 HRS GMT BOOK
  Own timing
Whatsapp +254721743977

When your therapist and marriage counselor meets your expectations because they are Africa, they have travelled, seen the difference and know the gaps that need to be handled to make life meaningful. They also bring out expectation and understanding on an African way where one belongs in this modern world.
African way of being brought up has lost many values that are very meaningful in our lives but modern world places us in compromising situations that we either adapt, change or be along with it.
Some may not understand us but us Africans we need to share our roots that beside our environment we have that African genetic mode that keeps us connected to our origin of culture, traditions and some are good to keep and uphold.
When this is not well understood we come on board offer platform where we listen and share the experiences that will make better lives for couples, those in relationships, children, relatives and friends.

Tel/Whatspp: 0721743977
Email: info@kenyamarriagecounselling.com

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