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Couples and Marriage Counseling in Nairobi Kenya.Marriage counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships
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Couples and Marriage Counseling Services in Kenya Couples Therapy | Save My Marriage Marriage counseling or marital therapy
Couples and Marriage Counseling
Couples or marriage counseling is offered to support people in relationship who may be considering separation or seeking improved intimacy and understanding. In couples counseling, the relationship is the focus, although each partner should also expect to focus on self-improvement and self-awareness.

Get your life back on track. Our world is full of distractions and stressors that impact our personal lives. Learning to become a healthful individual gives us the best chance to have a healthy family. For couples that committ to growing together the rewards are endless. Learning who we are as individuals gives us the best opportunities for success and happiness.

Relationship counseling is the process of counseling the parties of a human relationship in an effort to recognize, and to better manage or reconcile, troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship. The relationship involved may be between members of a family or a couple

Couple's therapy (or relationship therapy) is a subset of relationship therapy. It may differ from other forms of relationship counseling in various regards including its duration. Short term counseling may be between 1 to 4 sessions

Rate: 3000 KESH Per session ( per Couple) Individual 2000 KESH
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