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Plan to Have a Bridal Shower That You’ll Actually Want to Be At and for your as well as the Bride

Bridal Shower Games That Are Actually Fun to Play -Getting Your Marriage off to a Great Start -only lone time with special friends

Your best friend or one of your gilr friend is getting married as a friends you want to help make this a special time in her life, and one of the things you'd like to help with is planning a bridal shower.Planning a wedding shower that will be remembered with pleasure does not have to be difficult if you keep a few tips in mind

When: A wedding shower can take place two weeks before the wedding.

Where: Private homes, Booked apartment or club houses with close flexiblity to all invitations.

Who: Usually the maid of honor or close friends do the honors of hosting the bridal shower. Family members, such as sisters or mother-in-laws, traditionally do not host the showers since it can be viewed as self-serving.

Must haves: Designate a person to record all gifts and who gave them. This is so the bride and groom can properly thank givers by promptly sending a thank you card. It is also appropriate to give each attendee a bridal shower favor, such as a gift box .

Who to invite: Close friends, family, coworkers of the bride and groom and church or congregation members can shower good wishes on the couple. Don't invite everyone on the wedding guest list to the shower -- it should be personal. A good rule of thumb is creating a list of people you'd invite to a close birthday party.

How the event unfolds: Set aside about two hours for the event. Greet guests and serve light appetizers. After most guests have arrived, go around the room and have guests introduce themselves and say how they know the bride and groom. Play three or four shower games, if desired. Break for refreshments and other incidentals. Open gifts. Host should thank departing guests individually.

The Bridal Talk: Invite your bridal talk counselor who is experienced in marriage not only as a counselor but combined with a marriage sex therapist .They team together for a mature talk with deep insights for all offering all invites deep values of life,marriage and what to hold...

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