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Couples and Marriage Counseling in Nairobi Kenya.Marriage counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships
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Want Your Marriage to Last? Get Premarital Counseling be equipped get benefit as couple that is planning to get married.

Premarital preparation also known as premarital counselling can benefit any couple that is planning to get married.

Many couples do not think about pre-marital counseling. I mean, you are at the peak of your love and want to spend the rest of your life together, your love could not be stronger and your relationship could not be better. Until an elder person or a church pastor mentions that you do need counseling before getting hitched. While you may think it is not for you, there is no harm in knowing what is covered in counseling sessions.

iIt is necessary to encourage the strength of a marriage before it takes place and to prepare and anticipate challenges and conflicts that could arise in the marriage in the future.

Benefits of premarital preparation classes

The benefits of premarital counselling as suggested by experts include the following:

It contributes to a healthier and happier marriage as the couples become familiar with each others attributes, wants, expectations etc.
It reduces the risk of divorce.
Relationship and Marriage Therapy
Planning the wedding becomes much easier.

Is it for you?

Most couples think, “No, we don’t need that, we are fine!” Wrong, pre-marital counseling is not only for people with problems. This is a chance you get to confront issues that face people when you are married. When courting, you are still in the growing stage, growing into marriage. Get married and you may realize your communication is not that great, your partner is not all you thought they are.

Rate: 3000 KESH Per session ( per Couple) Individual 2000 KESH
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